The ins and outs of our wild + free eclectic homeschool journey! Follow along for resources, freebies, and encouragement to help you create your homeschool!

Started in 2019 as a place to document our homeschool journey, connect with other homeschool mamas, and allow me to creatively pursue my love for writing, this blog is quickly becoming a go-to resource for eclectic homeschool mamas who desire to create something more in their homeschool.

If you are a new homeschool mama, are considering homeschooling but haven’t taken the plunge, or simply want to move from a structured homeschool to a more relaxed style, you’ll feel right at home here!

You’ll see resources here (mostly free) that will inspire you, support you, make your homeschooling days a little easier, and help you create the homeschool you want!

Gone are the days of purchasing big box curriculums and changing your method or schedule every five minutes (unless you’re into that, of course!)

Create Your Homeschool is a unique approach to finding what’s right for your family and going all in! You can read a little more about our style / method below 🙂

I’m still learning a lot and will never claim to know it all. But I will share what I know, what has and hasn’t worked for our family, and encourage you to glean what you can from our homeschool journey and leave the rest!

The ins and outs of our wild + free eclectic homeschool journey! Follow along for resources, freebies, and encouragement to help you create your homeschool!

I’m Shela, wife to Lee and mama of three. On top of all the hats, those two titles love to hand out, I also share my love for writing with the world here on this blog and in my new magazine adventure launching this summer! More on that to come 🙂

Writing for me is more than just a means to financially contribute to our home. It’s a creative release that allows me to do #allthethings and still feel like a human being worthy of all she’s capable of.

I’ve been what they call a “blogger mom” since 2015. I began my first blog after becoming a stay-at-home mom for the first time and realizing how much I needed a creative outlet for myself.

That blog grew into a huge community of moms who loved to connect and support one another! After a couple of years of running strong, I entered into one of the darkest seasons of my life. Perhaps I will share more about that one day… That lead to silence on my end and ultimately a change of direction when I picked the blog back up about a year later.

After blogging about business and randomness over the last year or so, we found ourselves shifting into a homeschool family. You can read more about that here. And that shift led to what you now know as Create Your Homeschool.

We are a very eclectic homeschool family. I love to pull in elements from the Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and even a little Waldorf styles. I take the elements I love from those methods and weave them into a Wild + Free approach to homeschool. It creates a unique homeschooling experience for my family!

This is what I hope this blog will help YOU do for your family as well!

I know it’s not for everyone, some people need structure and timelines and to-do lists – even me sometimes! However, as an 8 on the Enneagram, I value systems and processes more than schedules and lists.

By homeschooling this way, I get the beauty in planning our homeschool days with as much bookwork, creativity, and adventure that I want. And without the rigidness of doing something just for the sake of checking it off.

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Remember, regardless of what your state requires in order for you to homeschool, there will ALWAYS be a way to create the homeschool you know is right for your family. Don’t be afraid to get creative with learning. Homeschool is all about making learning fun and exciting.

My friend, Ainsley, shared in her book, “The Call of the Wild + Free” that children are born with all the wonder they will ever need. Our job is simply not to take that wonder away.

Cling to this and your homeschool will thrive!